Royal Bangladesh Indian Restaurant

As you know, yesterday was my friend Kateyn’s birthday and we went out to dinner as planned. She and our friend Carolyn met up with me around six and they both happen to be serious Indian food lovers. I have never been an Indian food lover, but Jack loves it and I asked him for a restaurant recommendation. Jack’s answer was “The Royal” which, is actually the Royal Bangladesh Indian Restaurant. This is the best Indian food experience that I’ve had yet, maybe even the beginning of a new appreciation for this cuisine.

I’ve read some reviews for this place, and some complain about the decor. To me the decor reminded me of all the minimalist restaurants you see, and throws a million christmas lights in their face. The Royal is located at 93 First Ave, New York, NY 10003. It’s right in the middle of one of the pocket Indian food sections of New York. We were ushered in and felt very welcome right away. The waiters gave us as much time as we needed (getting three girls to be ready to order at the same time usually means the waiter will be back a handful of times). We also were checked on by the ,manager at one point. I love when this happens at restaurants, it makes me feel like a VIP.

I usually get really sick after eating Indian food. I’ve been to upscale eateries and cheap eats, but never without getting sick. This time, I feel fine! So, anyway, onto the good stuff. Our food: I ordered the chana shaag (spicy chickpeas and spinach), Carolyn got the mottor ponir (cheesy peas) and Katelyn had a lassi (yogurt shake) and the shaag ponir (cheesy spinach). We had the assorted appetizer plate and plenty of naan and rice. Our bill was exactly $40 and the gave us some free desserts! I liked the mottor ponir the best! So good with naan!


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