Paul’s Da Burger Joint

Last night, we went to Paul’s ( We took this burger home for Dixie (Jack’s papa).

It’s squished a little from the walk home, but Dixie was really into the taste-y factor provided therein. Me too, I love hamburger and Paul’s are to notch.

So, I had never been to Paul’s before, and it was, amazing. I had been reading up on the great burgers of NYC and this lace had come up time and time again. Jack and Megan (his mama) both swear by the place and it’s clear why. The service is fast and the burgers are great. If you like your burger medium rare, they give it to you medium rare, not medium well like most places. I love a burger on the rare side. I suspect they actually cook your burger how you’d like, since they made my burger perfect and they have a sign saying “Tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.” The burger was an inch thick and very juicy. I ordered the bacon cheese burger deluxe. The fries were pretty good too. Oh and the other great thing about this place is That they offer mayo and onion right of the batt, after you agree to the lettuce, tomato and awesome! I find that a burger and mayo really go together like something special and I totally recommend that you check it out when you are in NYC.

Did I mention that they leave a bowl of pickles on the table for you? Hello, New York, when did that stop being the standard? I love a pickle bowl!

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