Open Faced Tomato Sandwiches

My lunch today consisted of two half sandwiches, both open faced and wonderful. I had what I call Grown Up Harriet the Spy and Tomato Hummus Avocado sandwiches. 

Grown Up Harriet the Spy: I love this sandwich because it is fancy, sophisticated and only has three ingredients (if pesto mayo is only one ingredient). If you recall, Harriet’s favorite sandwich was tomato and mayo on white bread. This is the updated version. 

How to: Toast some bread, whatever you like is best. Slice a tomato. Spread toast with pesto mayo and layer on the tomato. Enjoy!

Tomato Hummus Avocado: Another super easy sandwich comprised of four ingredients. Very simple and tasty. 

How to: Toast bread of your choice. Mash some avocado (for my mini open faced I used a quarter of an avocado). Spread over toast. Now take a TBSP of hummus and spread that over  the avocado (I used Garlic Sabra today, but my favorite is the Garlic Lover’s Tribe). The next thing to do is take some sliced tomato and layer that atop. Enjoy, I promise you will!

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