Tonight Megan to Jack and I out to the Risotteria (http://risotteria.com/). I believe this is the end result of our endless talk of how wonderful and delicious the food was. Megan had never been and over the past year, Jack and I have gone a lot. We always come back and talk about how good the food is. The food is perfect, I don’t know how else to describe it.

Back in February I gave up gluten, I gave it up for a few months, until the end of June. Not eating gluten felt good and when ou have a restaurant like the Risotteria around, well, there is just no reason not to love being gluten-free. The wait staff is maybe the nicest wait staff in NYC. I love them, the last time we were there our waiter got a little fresh with us, teasing that his uncle made the art on the wall and that he was the real Chef Boyardee. I feel like I’ve eaten everything on the menu except the pizza. Risotteria, yum,yum, yum!

Now I’ll be honest, the very first time I had been to the Risotteria was in 2002, I was in high school and I was not impressed. Mostly I think this was because I had never eaten risotto before, but I remember the salad being among the best I ever had; it as the only positive sun-dried tomato experience I had up to that point in my life.

So tonight we got it and I had no idea what to order. I love it all so much! We had the wine of the month, Montpellier Pinot Noir. Super, on the sweet side and very light. We also ate the gluten-free bread sticks. Megan and I split the spinach salad with shiitake, asparagus, corn and truffle oil and the arborio risotti with calamari, roasted garlic and Italian parsley. Jack ordered the Italian sausage and portobello carnaroli risotti.

I love the risotto. It is so creamy and good! Sometimes I make risotto at home and it comes out good, but it’s not like this. They have great combinations and they make wonderful compliments. So, so wonderful. Especially if you are vegetarian and/ or gluten-free. Everything is so good, it’s the greatest comfort food and perfectly created, making me a repeat customer. I love the Risotteria. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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