I’m not really an orange person. I am, however, an orange juice person. Anyway, a few years ago I was introduced to the tangelo.  A citrus hybrid (and an orange in my mind) grown in Florida and extremely juicy. Us north easterners (almost wrote north eaterners, that’s a good pun for a food blog) don’t grow citrus, and it is frequently difficult to find ones that have traveled such a long way without taste damage. Maybe juice just travels better?

It is now December and my wish for tangelos, which arrive in January to my parents doorstep, has me in search of citrus! So as of late, I have been enjoying the satsuma. Of the marvelous satsuma, it’s a small orange, I attribute its flavor to its small size and dark orange color. A wonderful oblate fruit with darker flesh than the navel and much richer flavor. I ate a navel last night and was disappointed, because I really wanted the satsuma. I am so glad to have discovered this orange this year. I am falling for it, madly in love and I will be able to wait many, many days, a month even before eating the giant tangelo, part grapefruit, part tangerine and all love.

The satsuma though, I believe I had heard of it through the news a month or so back, and I thought, nah, I wouldn’t like that. It’s just going to be like a navel. But no, the Satsuma is juicy and tasty and fun to eat. It’s shape is funny, so when I eat it, I think “little satsuma, you are like me, weird shaped and small.” And I know that we will be very good friends, me and the satsuma, for years to come!

Today I had my satsuma with a small egg salad sandwich, on rye toast of course! Instructions for eating a satsuma, peel and enjoy.

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