Raspberry Cream Cheese Oatmeal

This morning I thought, maybe I should make another blueberry oatmeal like yesterday. But I wasn’t in a blueberry mood. So I thought, maybe I’ll recreate cool deal oatmeal, since I have all the ingredients,so I got them out, boiled the water and changed my mind. I wanted the raspberry, I wanted the cream cheese, but I did not want those cranberries. Dried cranberries… they are so sweet. I love cranberry juice, I love the tartness, but dried cranberries are not the same. So I looked in the freezer, found some frozen raspberries and said to myself “Self, it’s time for a raspberry oatmeal!” I already had the boiling water, so I had to move fast.

1 cup water
Sprinkle of salt
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 TSP fresh lemon juice
1 TSP raw sugar
1 TSP flax
1 TBSP 1/3 less fat cream cheese

So as I was saying, you ave boiling water and that water has a sprinkle of salt in it and you are thinking it is oatmeal time, but first add the frozen raspberries. Now wait a minute, literally, and once it is looking hot again, add the oatmeal. Mix it in and add the lemon juice and sugar. This is actually similar to making jam! I was thinking of Martha Stewart as I did this, because she made raspberry jam on her show yesterday. Oh yeah, keep cooking until there just is not that much water left, hardly none. Perfect job, now you’ve got it! Dole it out and sprinkle with flax and get that cream cheese in the bowl.

I mixed my cream cheese and flax in too! Best oatmeal in days!

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