Sticky Lemon Chicken

I was perusing cooking blogs some time ago and I noticed this recipe on Cook Eat Love:  Sticky Lemon Chicken ( When I saw it I knew, Jack needed to cook it for me. And that is exactly what happened last night.

Now, he started cooking about 15 minutes before I got home and it was another hour before it was ready. The recipe was simple enough, but it can take a long time to reduce liquids, especially when you have to do it several times. After the long wait, the finished product was divine. We burned our vegetable and forgot to make anything else to have it with. So we ate this delicious chicken with bread and butter. I loved the chicken.

It was great, tasty and fine. The sticky-honey-soy sauce really glistened and it was sweet! I loved the lemon and parsley, it made it feel real fresh. The chicken was tender and I want to have it again. But I think next time I have to cook it, because it was too much work for Jack.

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