Making 2012 Count

Hello out there! It’s been some time. I know I haven’t posted very much since the spring of 2010, but there is a good reason for that. I started working full-time at a school with a sweet healthy food program where I get two meals each day. It’s amazing because not only do I have two healthy meals each day, but I also save buckets of money that I would otherwise be spending on groceries and dining out.

This year I have a number of goals and as I was putting together my to do list for 2012 I thought “wouldn’t this be fun to share with readers of Pancakes and Flowers!” Partly because on that to do list is “find a creative outlet” and I loved using this blog as a creative outlet. Not only because I enjoyed writing it but I also really enjoy cooking meals, taking photos and sharing my experiences with friends.

So here’s my list for the year:

  • Find a creative outlet
  • Join a garden or get a yard (so I can grow my own veggies!)
  • Move somewhere new (a new city or a new neighborhood I’m up for either. I think it will help with the garden idea!)
  • Get a really good workout at least 3 times a week
  • Seek professional growth

At the beginning of each month I’ll give you an update on where I am with these goals. Plus I will try to write two additional posts each month. So keep an eye out for a bunch of fun posts in 2012!

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