New Day

Yesterday was the first day of my post vacation fitness regime. I had July off from work, I went on a road trip, I ate garbage, sat in a car and didn’t exercise for 18 days. It was amazing. I saw everything from LA to Portland back down to San Diego! I saw Crater Lake. I now know new parts of America. I ate In-N-Out Burger. And Jack in the box. I gained 3 pounds. I felt gross.

So yesterday being a Monday and my first day back at work after an extended vacation I ate we’ll and worked out! I’m pumped for a proactive future!
So what did I eat yesterday? A veggie crustless quiche, Greek yogurt, a giant spinach salad with avocado, turkey breast and a hard boiled egg, a banana, a string cheese, carrots, hummus, chicken breast cooked in lemon juice, raw arugula, a baked potato and coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Plus my required coffee with 1% milk.
I got home and did intervals of running and walking for 25 minutes and half an hour of Pilates.
My legs or sore today, but I’m energized.
Today’s been pretty similar. Same crustless veggie quiche, an extra cup of coffee, by baby spinach was covered with carrots, brown rice, turkey breast, boiled egg, avocado and a shredded string cheese.
Dinner was the lemon chicken, arugula and asparagus with a little organic ranch dressing. And I did half an hour of Pilates.
But there’s one thing. I had a beer. Something unexpected happened at work, so we all left at 4pm and got a beer to commiserate. Not going to let that drag me down! My calories are still in check and I’m doing good!

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