Concepts That Bring Kindness To My World

  • Technology – I know, this is a weird one, but with Technology I can see pictures of my newborn nephew, send notes to my Grandma and help finance a startup in the developing world. Technology is a connector and it helps us be kind, which is really cool!
  • Love – I try to see every person I meet through eyes of love. I believe we should treat each other like we love each other. I know it’s hard, I struggle with this too, but we have so much to share with each other and it’s a lot easier when we start at love.
  • Science – I am a woman amazed by the world and all the things we get to learn here! Amazed and inspired!
  • Sustainability – I enjoy recycling! I think being a steward of a healthy planet is awesome, fun and our job as human beings who want to the Earth to be cared for many generations to come.
  • Philanthropy – I’m a fundraiser, so this one is kind of obvious. But it comes back to that idea that we should strive to make the world a better place for everyone.

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