Things That Make Me Happy

  • Eating – I love eating, it’s just a fact. I love to cook and eat out. I’m a kind of a foodie. I also try to eat well.
  • Running – This is new to me, I started in April 2012 and ran my first 5K in June of that year! So much fun! (Exercising regularly is something I didn’t do until after college, but I still forget about it for weeks at a time.)
  • Personal Finance – I knew nothing about this my whole life. Then right after college, I took a course out of fear for my financial future and I get better at planning my financial next steps all the time. More importantly, I feel passionately that everyone should know how to be in their best fiscal health!
  • Information Organization – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe in shared knowledge! Having information organized guarantees that access will be easier. I spend my days collecting, curating, cleaning, and reporting on data, which has set me up for high standards when it comes to information organization.
  • Fun Stuff – Toys? Roller coasters? The beach? Traveling? Those all sound fun right? LOVE IT!
  • Family and Friends – Saved the best for last. I think this is a no brained for most people. Having people to love makes everyone happy!

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