Enjoy Your 5K Race Day

I’m completing my fourth 5K this weekend and wanted to share some must do’s I’ve learned from experience! Good luck out there!

Train – Sometimes I run a lot, other times, two weeks before the race I have a freak out because I haven’t been in a good routine and I know my time is going to stink! I highly recommend finding a good training plan (I like Couch to 5K!) and sticking to it! Makes everything easy and pain free!

Wear Layers – In the fall/winter/spring I always start out cold and end up taking a layer off halfway through, but being cold always makes me run slower. And in the summer, I always wear layers as well, I try to run early while it’s cool out, but I like protecting my skin from damaging sun rays with a light long sleeve layer.

Race With A Friend – You don’t have to stick together the whole time! I always want everyone to do their best, but it’s not competitive, it’s more like cheerleading! Plus I love having someone to high five and/or hug at the finish line, I don’t even care how sweaty they are!

Eat First – If it’s an early morning race, maybe there isn’t time, but otherwise, I try not to run hungry. I honestly can’t think of anything worse than being hungry, and then making myself more hungry by a run! It’s unnecessary torture (as is running when you’re really full!).

Take A Picture – I love my (small) collection of race day pictures! I was not athletic growing up and I feel really accomplished to have this healthy hobby as an adult. Looking through my race day pics is also great motivation when the going gets tough between races!

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