Be Mine – Simple Gifts for Valentine’s Day

There are a few gifts, that say it all. They’re simple and sincere. Here’s a few that would guarantee me as your valentine.

  • Candles – I especially like natural scents, like a really pure vanilla bean scent. I recently got one from Woodwich Candles that I loved!
  • Earrings – A girl can’t have enough earrings! There are so many options in this department, so I recommend heading to Etsy and browsing around. A friend of mine has beautiful jewelry in her Etsy shop Mordakk Designs.
  • A card – I think people forget the power of their words, but dear friends, remember, the pen is mightier than the sword and a heartfelt note goes a long way. Obviously, there are a ton of options here from Etsy to Hallmark, but I personally love something handmade – Martha‘s got you covered if you need some inspiration.

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