Happy for Spring

It’s official, the days are getting longer. I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s why:

  • Longer days = longer runs – I recently started training for a 10K and although I won’t be running my race for a few weeks, last night I took advantage of the new longer days to see how far I can make it. 6.3 miles!
  • Colors – I’m not even going to pretend like the idea of colors doesn’t excite me every season, but spring is usually the perfect opportunity to test out the Pantone Color of the Year. Radiant Orchid will definitely be my springtime nail color, and who knows, maybe more.
  • Farmers Markets – I grew up working at a local farmer’s market with some of my 4H friends. So when the NYC Greenmarkets open up each spring, not only do I get rocking fresh produce, but an awesome trip down memory lane. And occasionally a run in with a very familiar vendor or two.
  • Botanical Gardens – I can’t stay away from beautiful gardens. It’s like a sickness that is not like a sickness because it’s fun and awesome. I’m a member at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and a spring time stroll is always uplifting.
  • Spring Fashion – As with every season, I’m excited to get busy picking out what I’m going to wear over the next few months and shopping for those new items that will make my wardrobe slightly more 2014.

What makes you happy for spring?

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