Japan Trip Ideas

Well folks, big news… I’m going to Japan in just two days! 

I booked this trip last minute and I’ve been carefully constructing our 12 Day Itinerary for Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I’m really excited for cat cafes, baseball games and taking lots of photos. Below I’ll post what I have in mind so far, although I’m not sure I will be able to do it all. I’d love tips and ideas from you too! Please share your Japanese dreams with me in the comments. 

So far my Tokyo Itinerary includes: 

  • Tokyo Tower
  • Cat Cafe
  • Shopping in Akihabara
  • A half or full day Hato Bus Tour
  • Vending machines!
  • Meiji Shrine
  • People watching in Yoyogi Park
  • An afternoon drinking in an Izakaya
  • Possible trip to Mount Fuji
  • Seeing a baseball game
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Robot Restaurant (is this really worth it?)
  • Exploring Shomben Yokocho aka “Piss Alley”

For Kyoto, I plan to see the Gion Matsuri Kanko Festival on July 24th and then stick to days 1-4 from Inside Kyoto‘s Five Day Itinerary. I’m especially excited to visit the Bamboo Forest and meet baby deer in Nara! 

My last stop is in Osaka, and unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time there, but I’m excited for the following: 

  • Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
  • Hep Five Department Store (Ferris Wheel)
  • Beer Belly
  • Eating Okonomiyaki
  • Osaka Aquarium
  • National Museum of Art
  • Seeing the Tigers play at Hanshin Koshien Stadium

So that’s what I’ve got on my radar so far! Let me know what you recommend! 

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