25 Days of Joy Challenge

The past few months have been difficult for me and I feel like many areas of my life have been faltering. Over the summer I had a few sinus infections which triggered my autoimmune disease to flare up. My stress level has grown and my relationships, personal and professional are becoming strained. Additional work and life situations have made me recognize areas of stagnantion. I know I must cultivate joy and create space to focus on my health, happiness and well-being. So in order to accomplish more, share gratitude and love, I’m committing to a holiday season of cultivating joy. 25 Days of Joy, including reflection, focus and the spirit of giving to help restore my health, happiness and well-being for 2015.

I’m committing to 25 days of caring for myself and nurturing my relationships with others. I will do this by healthy eating and exercising for wellness, connecting with friends and family and making the most of my work life.

Share your ideas and tips for making the most of the holiday (or any) season in the comments. Seeking joy can be a challengingĀ task! I’d love to hear how you’ve gotten through tough times too.

Check back every day from December 1st to 25th to see how my journey to joy is going. Now let’s spread holiday cheer!

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