25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 1

My first day of actively cultivating joy was not as easy as I hoped.  I slept rather poorly last night and stayed in bed a little bit longer than I had planned (which maybe provided some tiny amount of temporary joy to my eyelids). Low and behold, I was in a rush when I woke up! Looking to make the best of the day, I grabbed some breakfast after my first meeting and returned my focus to the task at hand. As I ate, I thought about what might bring some authentic joy to my day.

That’s when I signed up for an evening yoga class. I even convinced my boyfriend to join me! With a different instructor and class style than my usual, I was in for a real treat. We did many twists and other detoxifying moves – all the postures were a delight after a gluttonous and lazy long weekend of celebrating Thanksgiving.

Yoga, like any exercise, reminds me of the importance of breathing, pacing myself and moving. All three things at once and you’re off! Those same three elements are critical in cultivating joy.Taking a step back and breathing. Knowing that not everything comes at once, slow and steady wins the race – you must pace yourself. And that final piece, moving, seeking goals and cultivating growth, it’s key to my challenge. The yoga class offered a perfect reminder of exactly how to achieve my mission to cultivate joy.

Day 1 didn’t go exactly as I planned, but I think it worked out well after all. Now it’s time to breathe deep, pace myself and keep moving towards joy.

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