25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 2

It’s day two of my challenge and I know exactly where my joy will come from today… Giving!

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving is the international day of philanthropic giving, know simply as #GivingTuesday. Unlike it’s counterparts Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, it’s not about consumption, but rather the joy of giving itself! It’s a celebration of nonprofits, charities and schools, a day for everyone to give back to these organizations that give so much. Here’s where I’ll be giving this year.

I’ll be giving to three environmental organizations that do amazing work to educate people, stand up for our planet and keep my city and my world a clean and beautiful place!
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Natural Resources Defense Council

Other places I give each year are a mix of organizations I have worked or volunteered with. These nonprofits do wonders for their communities and I’m proud to support them in multiple capacities.
Calhoun School
Global Focus on Cancer
Purchase CollegeĀ 
Scleroderma Foundation

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