25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 4

Today was a day started with great intentions, but I’m not sure if I really accomplished as much as I had hoped. It all started with me questioning myself: “How am I cultivating joy in my life and lifting others into it? Can I really achieve this?”

I kept thinking about my ability to actually cultivate joy within myself, and I think it really has to start from within, from caring for myself.

Then this morning on my way to work a woman came towards me singing, she was very happy. I smiled at her and she stopped to tell me the sun was finally shining. She and I chatted briefly and I felt immediately that her joy for such a simple thing was contagious.

This friendly woman had this joy to share because she was happy, because she took time to care for herself and appreciate the small, simple pleasures of life. Something I need to replicate. So yes, I absolutely can share, spread, lift create space for and encourage joy all around. But I think I need to turn inwards and be more pro-active about cultivating that sense of happiness within.

Tomorrow will be a day of cultivating my inner joy through self-care and appreciation. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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