25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 5

Today’s goals was to find joy in simple things. And I did it!

Both of my sister’s had an especially good day today which I was excited to hear about. I don’t want to share their personal business, but I’m happy for them!

Another simple joy today: JZ and I got a sweet Christmas tree.

Which I was so excited about when we picked it up!

As we decorated it was a walk down memory lane, since I always try to get an ornament on my trips.

I got this soldier in London in 2011 on when JZ and I took our first international trip together.


On our 2013 summer road trip up and down the west coast. San Diego was our last stop.


In the fall of 2013 JZ and I celebrated his 30th birthday with a trip to Virginia with his parents.


And of course there’s this cute Christmas tree from our summer 2014 trip to Japan!

What a cute assortment of travel ornaments?! Definitely cause for happy memories and a fun time decorating. Have a joyous Christmas!

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