25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 6

It was a lazy Saturday for JZ and I. The steady rain kept us inside most of the day. Together we chatted about how to be more compassionate towards others when they’re in need and how to be supportive of the people we love. Mostly we spoke about the ways we show each other compassion and support.
  • Soup seems to be a common way we show support in our home. If one of us has had a long day, is feeling under the weather, hungover or just a little blue… we have soup. Usually from the Chinese restaurant near our apartment, sometimes homemade. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if we order the most vegetable and bean curd soup of any tenants in NYC.
  • We’re pretty big huggers too. We get that from our moms, who both give great hugs.
  • We chat a lot and try to be good listeners, even though neither of us is always the best about this. It’s probably the most important function of our relationship. Nothing does the trick like knowing you’ve got someone you love who knows what your dreams are and when you’ve hit a rough patch.
  • When one of needs a change of pace, we’ll take a walk together. Getting outside and breathing in some fresh air always helps. JZ is great at getting me moving and off my toosh!
  • Cheering each other on and encouraging each other, seeing and seeking the best in each other – it’s always helpful to get that type of support too.
What ways do you show your loved ones compassion and support? Please let me know in the comments below!

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