25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 7

Every night, when JZ and I sit down for dinner, we take turns sharing something that we’re grateful for that day. Today it feels like there is a lot to be grateful for.

We traveled to Brooklyn in search of some specialty items we wanted to share with friends and loved ones as we celebrate Christmas. Then, off to Chinatown for a stop at the Pearl River Mart. Our last stop was the Union Square Holiday Market.

As we journeyed through the city collecting gifts, I felt grateful for so many things.
– Having wonderful people in our lives to make/buy gifts for
– The sunshine on a cold day
– Not losing each other in the crowds
– The abundance of NYC (it feels like there’s nothing you can’t get here!)
– Wonderful train luck – our subway never kept us waiting

Plus, when people spend a day together shopping, things tend to get a little tense, but we stayed cool all day. I realize I have even more to be grateful for in my life, but these few things jumped out at me today.

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