25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 10

It feels like really wonderful things are happening all around me.

Today, my little sister accepted a new position. She has been a stay at home mom with two little boys. Now that the younger one is on the verge of walking, she’s ready to take on some new challenges. I’m so excited for her! I don’t want to blow all the details, so I won’t say anything else about that.

Also, my baby sister just started a new job this week. She was working shift work at a nursing home, but she’s moving on. She’s going to be working at a doctor’s office. It’s great because she will have regular hours; weekends off and evenings available to continue her education.

I couldn’t be more proud of my two little sisters! I love seeing them succeed and thrive in their lives. I have the advantage of knowing them all my life and seeing them blossom into adulthood along with me has been really cool. I love how we were raised with the same values and overlapping interests and each took life in our own direction. I’m so proud and joyful!

Another small victory today: I have been have a lot of issues with my internet service provider and we finally struck a deal! I feel like an expert negotiator and I’m saving a bunch of money over the next  12 months. I was proud of myself for sticking to it until we found a solution I was happy with. It’s such a simple silly thing, but a good reminder too: never settle, be willing to work for what you want and let others know what would make you happy!

Pride and joy!

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