25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 16

Today my holiday shopping continued. At work, it is an active fundraising week. I’ve been pretty busy and looking to veg out when I get home. It has been a struggle to workout, even with the program being only 20 minutes a day.

It feels like a lot of struggle and little reward today. Perhaps I just need to manage my time better. It seems as though there are a lot of high priorities right now. I am having trouble balancing it all.

However, I am really excited about the gifts I’m giving. Especially for my boyfriend. I’ve had the idea for a while and finally making it happen is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to share my gift with him.

All in all, it’s just hitting that stressful moment in the holiday season. I can’t wait for it all to calm down a bit so I can relax and spread the joy.

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