25 Days of Joy Challenge: Day 17

Today I feel accomplished. I have been productive and happy all day. At the same time, I feel really gracious and lucky.

Between work, Christmas shopping and my workout, I got things done and off my to do list. I’m gearing up for winter break and excited to make good use of my time off. Between family visits and ringing in the new year, I’ll also be getting into bridesmaid gear for my friends’ upcoming nuptials. Lots to be excited for.

I’m feeling very thankful for my boyfriend. Lately, I’ve been thinking he really makes my life better. Much of the time I rely on JZ to take care of things for us. From paying the bills to doing the laundry, he does more than his fair share. JZ’s patience, cool collected nature and positive outlook make him easy to put your faith in. I get to be a little lazier because he’s skillfully taking care of business. I’m a lucky girl (not to say he’s not lucky, just recognizing that I am).

So all together, I think this feeling I have today, was sort of the point of the whole 25 Days of Joy Challenge. I hope it continues as I complete the countdown to Christmas.

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