Beginning the Whole Life Challenge

Today marks the beginning of my Whole Life Challenge. I think doing this challenge will be really import for me in a many different ways, but most importantly by changing health and fitness from something I fit into my life to being my actual lifestyle.

I am only committing to the Kick Start level of the program, but am also using the program to eliminate dairy, gluten, added sugars and processed foods from my diet. I’m not into the paleo thing, but I am all about eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. I’m here to make changes, even if it’s a challenge of it’s own. I know these tweaks will really help alleviate my scleroderma morphea symptoms and improve my overall health.

On the subject of health and fitness, my training program is going very well and I’m starting to shed a few pounds too. I’m really feeling excited for everything I know I can achieve this year!

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