January Nutrition Resolution Recap

Well I have to say, I’m really proud of my January commitment to nutrition. It’s been hard, but I’m off gluten and dairy. My diet is generally low in added sugars, but I’ve also been careful not to eat them as well since I Know sweets are a slippery slope to “I ATE ALL THE CHOCOLATE?!” city.

Some days I fell less fatigued with these foods removed from my diet, some days not so much. I don’t know if changing my diet is really helping my flare up in terms of my plaques fading into scar tissue or if it’s the continual application of ointments.

Overall, I’m definitely eating much better. JZ and his mom have both joined me in the Whole Life Challenge, so we’re all eating better and being mindful about the nutrients in our meals. I generally don’t eat a ton of fruit, but since shifting focus to nutrition, and away from chocolate, it has started to appear in my diet. I mean not everyday, but a few more times each week. The added bonus is that even if all this healthy eating business is not necessarily impacting my autoimmune disease, eating well is definitely helping with my fitness goals! I’ve lost 5 pounds this month.

To congratulate myself on a month of fabulous nutrition, I saved up all my chocolate cravings and splurged on a decadent gluten and dairy free waffle experience. I found this great Gluten Free Banana Waffle recipe from Jessi’s Kitchen and whipped up a batch. I carefully placed a chocolate chip in each waffle crevice and then I topped the chocolate chips with little slices of fresh strawberries. It was awesome and I recommend you do the same next time you are looking for a waffle delight.

Next month: Exercise!

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