New Year’s Resolution Update

I wanted to take time each month to focus on just one thing for the whole month. But honestly, that’s not how life works. I want to focus on exercise and I get a wicked cold for two weeks. My relationships and well being are part of my daily life. Things ebb and flow and sometimes you can’t focus on somethings because you have to focus on others.

Now that spring is here I wanted to give a complete update on the mix of things:

Nutrition – I am 90% gluten and dairy free. The occasional beer and daily milk in my coffee are holding me back. The good news is, my scleroderma morphea seems to be stabilizing. Also on the nutrition front, I’m really struggling to get more fruit into my diet. I’m not into it – I am happy to load on the veggies, eat lean meats, nuts, whole foods, all of the goodness, but fruit just seems to go bad so quickly and it’s often too sweet or sour. Any tips out there for getting more fruit in your diet?

Exercise – This seems to be my most difficult thing to make routine. Even the 10 minutes a day required for the Whole Life Challenge was tough for me to do. I have never been a regular exerciser. I’ve got some races on the horizon which has helped to motivate me. I shaved a minute off my average pace so far this year and feel pleasantly surprised! I’ll be at the Rock the River Race in May for the 6K Trail Run.

Sleep – I am getting plenty! This may not have really needed to be a goal. I think the fatigue that accompanies my scleroderma morphea flare up made it seem imperative even though I was getting 8 hours plus a night. Most nights I got more than 10 hours and still felt exhausted like I hadn’t slept in days. It was worse than my worst case of jet lag. I’d sit across from friends with new babies and know I was more tired than them. I don’t think I can fully express what autoimmune disease flare up related fatigue is like to someone who has never suffered it. It’s like torture that you can do nothing about. It’s a powerful fatigue that comes from your immune system attacking your body all day, everyday. Digression aside, I’m back on track to getting normal amounts of sleep and actually feeling refreshed in the morning. It’s a miracle!

Personal Finance – I’m in it to win it. I’m playing around with SmartyPig and considering using it to crowdfund my next project and/or graduate school. I recently made the switch from LearnVest to Mint. I like Mint because it pulls in my credit score and since I do my taxes with TurboTax it’s super convenient.

Family – I don’t see my folks much these days and my siblings are over an hour away. I’m hoping to spend some time with them over the upcoming Easter holiday.

Professional Development – Well folks, this has actually gotten a lot of attention the past few weeks. I went away to a conference and started submitting those graduate school applications. I have a dream of sustainable cities, vibrant food systems and a new American Dream fueled by modern values. I want to explore these ideas more deeply on Creative Happy Kind in the coming weeks.

Travel – Thinking a lot about my travel plans for this summer – India, Thailand, and Ecuador top my list. Other options are still in the back of my mind and I’m uncertain what this summer holds.

Romance – Time to bring back the Alphabet dates! When JZ and I started dating we thought it’d be fund to have themed dates in alphabetical order. When we moved in together they went out the window – as did dates in general. I’d like to bring them back, especially because we left of with L, just one shy of 50% of the way through! We need some thing fun to do together and to watch less TV. I’d order him flowers, but I did that once and he didn’t like that… Anyone know a fancy peanut butter delivery service? I think he’d dig it!

Home/Environment – It’s time for bigger and better. Apartment living was never my dream… Well, I thought I’d have a magnificent penthouse pretty much immediately after college. Clearly I never looked at real estate prices or understood basic principles of finance. Something more is on the horizon though and I’m ready for it. As of right now, there are no details though.

Friendship – I was so lucky to be in my good friends’ wedding last month. Jess & Mike celebrated there special day with an extraordinary evening at the McKittrick Hotel complete with old time-y cocktails and eerie jazz singers. There wedding was a fine gathering of friends and a reminder of the value of the bonds the unite us all.

Spirituality & Meditation – I need to spend more time tending my inner garden. I’ve been easily shaken by outside forces lately. Tying back to my professional development, I’ve been really focused on trying to find my personal motivations and what make my soul sing and I have a good feeling that my inner shine will be very bright soon.

Gratitude – Each day at dinner, JZ and I express something from our day that we’re thankful for. I recently started a gratitude journal that I keep in my purse – each time something good happens, I write it down so I can keep it for later. I’m hoping this little journal will be a guiding light when I need a little ray of sunshine.

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