The Early Bird

For many years of my life, I considered myself a morning person. Mostly because I am most certainly not a night owl.

As a high school student I would nap after school and fall asleep by 10pm. I was the first one tuckered out at my own sleepover parties. And I’ve always been a heavy sleeper. My boyfriend plays tricks on me while I’m under the spell of Mr. Sandman.

The past year has been an especially tired time for me due to the fatigue of an autoimmune disease flare-up. And while I never had much issue waking up bright and early in the past, my usually rising time between 6 & 6:30am has been shifted to being between 7:30 & 8am.

Now that spring has sprung, the days are getting warmer and longer and I’m making an effort to get my sleep schedule back in order. I find that early mornings are perfect for accomplishing everything from healthy breakfasts, a solid workout and a few minutes reading the news or listening to favorite tunes to set the tone for the day.

I may be an early bird in opposition to being a night owl, but I have to say, I especially enjoy the quiet of the morning. Hope you’ll join me in the quest to become an early riser.

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