2015 Year-End Reflection

The year 2015 was a bit of a whirlwind  with a lot of change and accomplishments. Looking over my list of resolutions from January, I feel really impressed with the success of the year.

Starting the year with the Whole Life Challenge was a great way to get my neutron habits in check. I got JZ and his mom to join me on the Whole Life Challenge in January and we all enjoyed it, completing two more and encouraging my sister and two good friends to join us too.

The Whole Life Challenge also encourages daily exercise and stretching. At only ten minutes a day, this was a great part of the challenge. But I had a little trouble sticking to it and making it a priority during and after the challenge. I will need to keep working on this and hope to run a half marathon in 2016.

Last year around this time I was struggling with my health and it was making me feel exhausted. I had a flare up of scleroderma morphea, but once  it subsided I felt so much better and my sleep became much more rewarding. I’m getting a healthy 7-8 hours a night and it’s making my life happy.

Personal Finance
I created the best worksheet for tracking my expenses this past year and started on my plan to finish paying off my student loans. I also contributed to my savings goals and maintained my very happy credit score. 2015 was a good year for personal finance.

I think I did some good on the birthday gift front with my family this year. I love them, but spending time together has been a real challenge as getting out of the city is tough when I need to be spending my free time studying.

Professional Development
One of my biggest goals for 2015 was to get into graduate school start working towards my masters. I’ve also been taking advantage of professional development events whenever they present themselves. At work, I was able to work on some database integrations and implementing new products for my team.

This past year was an incredible year for travel. In July JZ and I made our way to Thailand, visiting Bangkok, Chaing Mai and Pai. From kissing elephants to riding motorcycles, it was an amazing trip that made JZ and I both so incredibly happy.

Our travels didn’t end after Thailand, JZ surprised me with a Halloween trip to New Orleans where we got engaged. It was a surprise trip and a surprise ring – I didn’t see it coming, but I am incredible pleased with the romantic gesture! The love we share has me walking on sunshine!

Home Environment
On the home front, JZ and I have been diligently looking for a new home. Spending our weekends looking at possible places to move. It’s been exhausting, but we know that 2016 will bring good news on this front. We’ve been taking advantage of our neighborhood, exploring new restaurants and inviting friends to our apartment for revelry.

I’m so happy to have joined in with my close friends for some happy hours and quality time over the past year. My friends are important to me and I would be so excited to spend even more time together in 2016.

Spirituality & Meditation
I really want to get more out of life on the spiritual front. Definitely could use a daily meditation practice.

I love this one! In December I started a gratitude journal and every night, I enjoy thinking about the good things in my life. It has proven to be a great practice during the stressful holiday/finals season.

One thought on “2015 Year-End Reflection

  1. Dear Jess, I loved reading your reflections and aspirations. They touched my heart…from your future mother-in-law who is grateful that her son will be sharing his life with such a creative, kind, and happy young woman!


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