Searching for Purpose, Part 1: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I’ve alluded to doing some soul-searching over the past year or so. I try to live intentionally, so purpose comes up a lot for me when I think about anything, but especially my career. I started out trying to decide what would be best for me, what I should study for graduate school and how I could use my skills to best help society. It was a tall order. In doing so, I took a lot of self-assessments. The assessment process was really interesting for me, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned and how I’m exploring my next steps. I did a lot of searching and will be sharing in this series Searching for Purpose

My search for a purpose-driven next step began with an old favorite – the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Simply put the MBTI looks at how you interact with the world (introvert v. extrovert), the way you take in and use information (sensing v. intuition), your decision-making process (thinking v. feeling) and the structure you use to bring information and experiences together (judging v. perceiving). The results are 16 different personality types with different strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. To take this test, I turned to 16 Personalities,  a free online MBTI resource.

My results: ENFJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). 16 Personalities introduce this personality type as:

ENFJs are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches, and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, ENFJs take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.

I hope that’s how people see me! How does this fit into my search for purpose? 16 Personalities can help you explore your type in relation to a variety of life’s facets from romantic relationships, friendships, and parenthood to career paths and workplace habits. In terms of career path, the summary suggested that I should seek meaningful work helping people.

When it comes to work, being purpose driven is key for me. I want to help people and as pointed out by 16 Personalities, I want people to let me know they appreciate my hard work and dedication. ENFJs “radiate authenticity, concern, and altruism” which makes them suited to roles as teachers, coaches, fundraisers and helpers in all different industries. My MBTI reinforced what I am looking for and was an interesting tool for me to learn more about myself.

To check out the full story on the ENFJ click here. To take the test for yourself, visit


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