Raspberry Cream Cheese Oatmeal

This morning I thought, maybe I should make another blueberry oatmeal like yesterday. But I wasn't in a blueberry mood. So I thought, maybe I'll recreate cool deal oatmeal, since I have all the ingredients,so I got them out, boiled the water and changed my mind. I wanted the raspberry, I wanted the cream cheese, … Continue reading Raspberry Cream Cheese Oatmeal

Flaxy Sweet Oats with Blueberries & Banana

New oatmeal! I was so excited for this breakfast. I had to take a breakfast break about half through though. The good thing is that it is like getting to have two breakfasts. Ingredients: 1 cup water Dash of salt 1/2 cup oats 1/2 a banana, mashed 1/2 cup blueberries 2 TBSP ground flax 1 … Continue reading Flaxy Sweet Oats with Blueberries & Banana